your ultimate guide to the perfect pixie!


Have you ever wondered if you could pull off a pixie haircut, what you would say to a stylist to get your best cut, or how to wear short hair confidently? Well that’s where I come in!

Hi, I’m Neena of All Things Neena and I have been beauty mentoring women for almost 15 years. My content has been viewed tens of millions of times online, and my images and tutorials shared hundreds of thousands of times all across the globe. I’m passionate to not only inspire that amazing pixie cut but empowering YOU to create it for yourself.

So I’ve created this custom course covering all the essentials to help you feel empowered in your pixie✨

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why empowered pixie?

step-by-step styling tutorials


detailed examples of variations between pixie styles

how to pick a good pixie hair stylist


how to communicate details of your desired pixie cut to a stylist


how to confidently wear that style without fear of judgment


exclusive library

 An exclusive library of over a hundred images and videos never before seen that you can use as inspiration for your next pixie haircut!


additional resources 

Bonus PDFs to help you understand your hair type, the best products you can use to achieve a desired result.


exclusive meditation

A self confidence meditation to work subconsciously to help you step into your shorthaired power!


I’m ready, let's go!

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"I'm so glad I found you. I cut my hair in solidarity of a relative who had to shave her head and I'm so glad I did. Your curly pixie inspired me to be brave. It's still a very short in the back and I'm excited for it to grow out a bit more so I can experiment with more styles. I'm excited to learn styling tips for this length and cut thank you so much for creating this page."


"I’m so grateful I found Neena and have been able to work with her as a personal business and mindset mentee for the last 4 years because she has helped me grow my self confidence. She teaches in such a way that is relatable and fun! Through her mindset tools and encouragement I’ve been able to feel empowered in my own growth process and personal development."


"It's been 14 months since I cut my hair into a pixie. (Prior) I looked and felt like I was in survival mode. Having six kids and a crazy busy life I felt like I had no control over anything. When I saw one of your posts it planted a seed that short hair could bring the simplicity I needed in my life. It took 6 months to build up the courage to just go for it, and you know what? I never regretted a minute of it. I felt like I was on cloud nine… I wear cute earrings more than I ever have and it's been fun and playful and a way to add more femininity to my daily look. I can't wait to learn and grow and receive some inspiration. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being inspired to create your page and share both your inner and outer beauty with us so that we can have courage and motivation to be brave and adventurous. I am in debt to you."


"I've had the pleasure of learning from Neena in multiple facets over the last 6 years. She has been an incredible mentor to me in many ways. Over the years, I have been so grateful to have learned from Neena as a mindfulness practitioner. She embodies exactly what you're looking for in a mentorship role. Knowledge, skills, experience, and love. You can't beat learning from such a beautiful and talented person. You can see and feel just how much she loves what she does… in everything she does."


"I’m so grateful to have learned from Neena both as a trainer & mindfulness teacher over the past 4 years! She has helped me to tap into more empathy and compassion towards myself and others as I’ve navigated growing a successful business and manage my many responsibilities as a mom of 5. Her wisdom and mentoring have been critical parts of helping me enjoy the journey of my life more fully!! Thank you Neena!!"

- AngelLee

"This woman is fire!! I love the person she is and the positive impact she leaves on others! I have been incredibly blessed to benefit from the mentorship of Neena these past 6 years. I have watched her influence thousands from the stage, I have benefited immensely from both her mindset trainings and one-on-one coaching. Her bright light has really made an impact on my life."


"I’m incredibly grateful to have learned from Neena. Whether she is speaking on stage to the masses, or mentoring the one, she consistently brings massive value. She speaks with knowledge-filled power and clarity that gets right into your soul.  Because she finds fulfillment in helping others, she pours passion, heart and wisdom into every aspect of her practice. Neena has helped me find more self-worth and feel deeper compassion for others. Now I am living in a state of personal growth of peace and of joy."


"I’m so grateful to have learned from Neena as a trainer, speaker and mindfulness teacher over the past 2.5 years because she is incredibly passionate about whatever she does and because she has helped me find greatness in myself not only as a woman but as a mother. "


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want a deeper look into what’s included in the course?

check out the curriculum:


getting your mind set to choose pixie

considering your ideal pixie maintenance

finding a bomb stylist

how to pick the best pixie style for you 

your guide to choosing inspiration pictures 

how to talk to your stylist to get your ideal cut

must-dos before your big cut 

✓finding versatility in your pixie cut (1 cut 8 styles tutorial) 

✓wet to dry straight style tutorial

✓fixing bed-head tutorial

✓styling with hats, accessories and heat tools


 ✓ boosting your self confidence

 ✓ what if my partner doesn't support my pixie haircut?

 ✓ what if i look too masculine in my pixie haircut?

 ✓ what if i feel insecure showing so much of my face?

✓ what if i regret my pixie cut? 

✓ self-confidence affirmations meditation

✓resource: How do I know the difference between various hair care products and tools?

 resource: how do I know what type of hair I have?

✓resource: What kinds of products do I use for my hair?

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empowered pixie faq

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