Holiday Wellbeing: How-to Avoid Holiday Burnout

Have you ever struggled with burnout around the holidays? Feeling like you’re running from activity to activity, constantly serving and preparing, and you yourself don’t even enjoy the spirit of the season? Well, you are definitely not alone!

In this webinar course, Neena, a mental health professional and mindset and relationship coach, will help you create more wellbeing this holiday season with exclusive training on

What leads to holiday burnout

How to recognize the signs and symptoms 

How to protect your wellness during the holidays

and a special bonus mindfulness practice you can do TODAY to find more joy in the season.

In this concise but powerful webinar and course, you will walk away with practical tools for gaining your wellness again this holiday season... because you deserve to experience wellness during the holidays and beyond! 🙌🏼🎄✨

Let's dive in!


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